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The secret life of the bricks

This page contain my contributions to Swebricks quarterly competition 4 2020 (swedish only)
My main theme was what the bricks are doing when no one see them. The competition only
allowed the use of 5 bricks the first day, 10 the second and so on up to 120 bricks on Christmas Eve.

A brick is still sleeping, but it it will soon be time to start the christmas preparations.
The bricks like baking, today it was Lucia buns.
Sometimes a large green monster come to eat everything the bricks have baked.
Then the dreaded pirate Captain Brick appear. He is the terror of the seven brick boxes!
Luckily the soldiers keep an eye out for pirates.
The bricks have their own magician.
The bricks own firefighter can only handle small fires, so be careful with lit candles.
The ornithologist is very happy having found a type of parrot that was believed to be extinct since the nineties.
Sometimes even bricks feel unwell, but they have a doctor who can help.
The Ginger cookie baker has to work all night to meet the high demands.
A snowman.
The little bricks play with their 12V Lego train.
Luciatåg. (swedish tradition)
A roller coaster in the Systar-system.
An island out in the sea.
An old platform game "Help Santa to get all the apples without being eaten by the ghosts".
Something that always used to break during Christmas - a lightbulb.
The Brick-Santa
The police raid against pirate-copying clashes with the pirates trying to clone their first mate.
The Brick family christmas dinner. Mama Brick has fallen asleep, Papa Brick is obsessed with his old traditions, the youngest kid is sad, and the teenager is glued to the computer screen even at the dinner table.
A simplified version of "Snakes and Ladders", you have to follow the colored paths from either direction.
The mischievous bricks are throwing snowballs at the angry bricks house (not very nice of them).
If you run out of packaging material in the last minute?
How can Santa, a fat old man have survived this long? The dark secret is he didn't. Strong commercial powers raised him from death and he is now undead. His special suite hides the fact, but if you look carefully there is an extra zipper that is hard to explain. Also in his early morning round Santa is not wearing the suite, so do not stay up waiting...