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Outlands Port

This is an attempt to build a reasonably complete town in the pirate theme on four base plates (+two 8*16 for the ramps).

An early map - some changes has been made since.
Scale: 1 squere=1 stud
Black - wharf
Light Gray - quay
Medium Gray - walls
Dark gray - towers
Green - the governors palace
Red - the buildings by the square
White - open area
Scarlet - work buildings
Yellow - sand

Some screenshots from Stud.IO

The basement of the governors palace contains a prison.

One level up is the governors war room with maps.
There is also a stairway to the governors private quarters at the top floor.

The inn has a tavern at the bottom floor and rooms for rent above.

Next to the inn is the only shop (more like a market stall) in the town
Under the roof it has some boxes and barrels for various goods.

The bank is located in the bottom floor in the last building at the square.
On the upper floor a merchant has his office.

On the other side of the harbour there are a few sheds/boathouses and then the blacksmith.

The town also have two buildings with cranes for goods, one of them also contain a small shipyard.

A video where the town rotates so you can see in in all angles.

How Outlands Port was built - according to the governor.